First 1.5 hour lesson for £25 – New Drivers Only



Feeling a bit unsure or nervous? Why not book our opening offer of a 90 minute lesson for just £25 and see how you get on? No strings attached! Hopefully you will love it and want to book in again but if for some reason it isn’t for you then just walk away!

*Terms & Conditions
1. The ‘1st 1.5 hour lesson for £25’ offer is open to all new students who have had no previous driving experience.
2. The fee of £25 must be paid on or before the first lesson.
3. The 1.5 hours must be taken in the form of one 1.5 hour lesson.
4. Offer applies to first 1.5 hour lesson only.
5. If after purchase it transpires you are not eligible for this offer we will refund fully the £25 paid or, we will deduct the £25 from the cost of your lessons.


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